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The Academic Wordsmith service was shut down in January 2017. The site will remain in read only mode indefinitely. Best, Lucas.

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Get results delivered straight to your document and view specific details of possible matches.


If you complete 8 courses a year, and submit two assignments in each, it works out to be just over $1 per assignment.

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Make a simple selection or submit your whole document, checking for originality could not be easier from right within Word. After our detailed analysis, your results are then delivered back to the same window for a quick and easy review.

A detailed breakdown of matches found allow you to see exactly where problems have been detected including links to the matching locations. This allows you to make decisions about your current work and any chances you might need to make.

Using our “Benefit of the doubt” algorithm, results that could potentially be related can also be returned, allowing you to easily find other material that may help and support your arguments!

We know that it’s a rare occasion to find a cashed up student. That’s why Academic Wordsmith is only $19 per year, which roughly breaks down to be $1 per essay a year. We know you’ll easily get more than $19 dollars value when you submit with confidence.

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